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Ishinomaki Team #26: Christmas celebration @ Ishinomaki

Many members gathered to participate in Team 26 with the purpose of telling the Gospel at the Christmas Mission in Ishinomaki. We planned to perform Christmas carols in Tohoku. The Caroling team began practicing from last November. There were two hand bell pieces, and seven Christmas songs. Finally two Kokoro-no care songs were planned. Mission Team 26 performed the Christmas carols and offered Kokoro-no-Care to residents in temporary housing. The team tried to go to as many places and meet as many people as possible.

Dec. 23rd
36 mission members went to Ishinomaki Miyagi. On the highway, we met a snowstorm coming up from around Fukushima, but God protected us and we were able to arrive to our accommodations safely. We then separated into two teams for dinner. One team went to Ishinomaki to meet some victims who lost their houses and families and jobs. We had dinner with them, and offered Kokoro-no Care, and witnessing of the Gospel. It was a very nice time. At our accomodation, the other team, which was the caroling team, practiced songs and prayed together that the focus of the songs and music would be God and His Glory.

Dec. 24th
We had a prayer meeting at 7:30, and then departed for the temporary housing in Ishinomaki. At the first housing complex, we arrived very late, so there was confusion as to what each of us should do, and how to resolve our schedule problems.  While the caroling team was singing, a drunk man came over and caused a ruckus at a Temporary housing. We felt this was an attack from Satan, but we tried to talk kindly and patiently to the man. Though our attitude and speaking in Love, God guided us to His Way and showed His Glory to other guests.
All the Joy Cafe members prepared cake and prayed that the man would listen to our songs silently, and would be touched in his heart by God. This mission team leader read a ” Father’s Love Letter from Bible.” By the final Kokoro-no Care song, many people started to cry. We sang ” What a Friend We Have in Jesus .”  and  ” Silent Night, Holy Night”  in Japanese with all the guests together. During the Joy Café time, everyone, including the team members, enjoyed Christmas cake together and talked about the true meaning of Christmas. We had really good time at the first temporary housing.  When we left the first housing complex, some people said to us, “I want to talk with you more. ” ” Please stay longer.”  “Please come again!”
We visited other temporary housing on Christmas Eve. We went to two other temporary housing in Iinogawa for caroling and to offer Joy Cafe Kokoro-no Care programs.
So many victims came to listen to our caroling. The guests sang some easy English carols with us. We sang ” What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and ” Silent Night, Holy Night” in Japanese with all the guests. The TBC mission teams also helped these refugees at the temporary housing complexes. Many people said, ” You are leaving so soon.” “I want to talk with you more. Please live here with us.”
After we left the temporary housing, we moved to the 4th location, TBC @ Ishinomaki in Okaido, to give a Christmas Concert. We prepared music and Christmas Dinner for the guests while it snowed. More than 50 guests came to our concert! It was really cold and the snow was falling heavily. It seemed that it would be hard to sing outside, but we sang powerfully and in a loud voice. We held a Christmas Candlelight Service with all guests in the snow, singing ” Silent Night, Holy Night”. The people of Ishinomaki did not expect in the 10 months after the tsunami and earthquake that we all would be celebrating Christmas in such a clean place. Ishinomaki was reduced to rubble in the disaster, but TBC members helped clean out the mud ever since April. It was so Amazing and so Great to celebrate Holy Christmas Eve in Ishinomaki without any rubble.

Dec. 25th
The Joy Cafe Team held a Sunday Service TBC@Ishinomaki on Christmas Day!
We invited many people from temporary housing which we were at the day before.  During the Service, TBC members gave testimonies and sang songs together and prayed with all of the guests.
The caroling team went to Minatosho Area, which was hit badly by the Tsunami. They sang Christmas carols for the victims in temporary housing. The last mission team, Team 24, went to the Minatosho area and distributed many supplies, including winter clothes, cakes and bread, and many Concise Bibles. There was a strong wind as all the tall buildings were gone, after the tsunami washed away most of the buildings. It was hard to sing outside in the cold winter wind.

During our trip, we struggled to sing in this difficult situation, but many people were greatly touched. They said, “We saw you singing so joyfully in such a hard situation, just like we faced disaster.” “Thank you for coming to visit us from Tokyo even in this cold winter.” They kept saying “Thank you!” After we finished singing, we served hot drinks and cakes and hot zenzai and had Joy Cafe in the community center. We were thankful for the truly joyful time with the guests and TBC members. After we read  “A Father’s Love Letter from Bible.” We asked them ” What day is it today?” Many people answered
Jesus’ birthday. Some of them answered and told us about Gospel, because they finished reading the Concise Bible which Team 24 gave them. The team had handed out 200 Bibles at the same location earlier. After the Mission 26, we kept in contact with the people in Ishinomaki and sent them letters, inviting them to TBC@ Ishinomaki Sunday Service or Bible Study and supporting their Kokoro-no Care.
Please do not forget there are more than 100,000 victims who have lost their jobs and it becoming to be hard to live without any income. Many people are still confused that why their city is gone, and some have changed their hometown after the tsunami. Many of them still need Kokoro-no Care. If we visit them, they can recognize that we have not forgotten about them.
Going on the mission trips with so many TBC members is quite easy, but if we just obey
and follow God and serve Him patiently, like Jesus Christ showed us on the cross, there will be great blessings from God. So many that we can’t imagine! He guided us to His way with prayer. And our prayer is that many of the mission team members might feel His Grace through serving in the mission teams.


今回、石巻ミッションでも大変、多くのメンバーが参加し、石巻に本当のクリスマスを  お届することが出来ました。11月より、キャロリングチームはトーンチャイムで2曲の  クリスマスソングを練習し、7曲のクリスマスソングと4曲の心のケアソングを練習しました。今回は今まで訪れた多くの仮設住宅を出来るだけ多く回り、沢山の石巻の方々に  ゴスペルをお伝えすることで心のケアミッションとなりました。


36名のメンバーと共に宮城県石巻市へ。途中福島から吹雪きで前方が見えにくくなりましたが、主に守られ、無事到着しました。夕食は2チームに分かれ、1チームは石巻で被災され、家を失い、家族を亡くされたり、職を亡くされた方々とJoy Dinnerを囲みゴスペルについて語る事が出来ました。もう1チームは、みちのく路の宿泊所にて、キャロリングの最終確認練習をし、全員で祈りを捧げました。


7時半に全員で祈りを持ち、石巻市の仮設住宅に出発。最初の仮設住宅には随分遅れて到着し、始めは、自分の成すべき準備に戸惑いもあり、スケジュール通りには、行きませんでした。ある仮設住宅では、ある男性が朝からお酒を飲んで、集会所にお越しになり、キャロリング中、大きな声で騒がれましたが、その事を通して、神様は、私達に力と道を示されました。その男性の方に愛を持って言葉をかけ、お話することで、他にお越しになられた方々にも、”神様の愛”をお伝えすることが出来たのです。Joy Cafeチームはケーキの準備をしながら、その男性の方の救いのために、一生懸命祈っていました。最後の心のケアソングの時は、多くの方が、涙を流され、Joy Cafeの時には、クリスマスケーキを皆で頂き、ゴスペルについてお話をしました。このクリスマスイブの日には、他にも午後、飯野川にある2つの仮設住宅をキャロリング&Joy Cafeをし、大変多くの被災された方々がお越しくださいました。一緒に “ 慈しみ深き” や “ きよしこの夜 ” や、簡単な英語のクリスマスソングも歌いました。夕方4カ所目に大街道にあるTBC@石巻にてクリスマスコンサートを行うことができました。雪がしんしんと降る中、音響の準備やクリスマスディナーの準備をし、50名以上もの方々がお越しくださいました。寒くて、声がなかなか出ない中、皆、元気に力強く、これまでにない程の大きな歌声で歌い、来て下さった多くの方々全員と、キャンドルサービスを灯し、 “ きよしこの夜 ” を共に歌いました。津波により瓦礫の山となって居た場所が10ヶ月後のクリスマスに殆ど瓦礫が無くなり、こんなにも本当に霊的に満たされた石巻のクリスマスイブとなったことは、驚くばかりです。


Joy CafeチームはTBC@石巻で礼拝を持つ事が出来ました。前日の仮設住宅でお知り合いになった方々をTBC@石巻の礼拝にお誘いする事が出来ました。礼拝では、TBCメンバーによる証をしたり、参加された方々と共に賛美し、祈りを捧げました。キャロリングチームは、前回Team24で物資の支援をさせて頂いた、石巻でも被害の大きかった、湊小近くの在宅被災者の所にキャロリングを行うことが出来ました。湊小は海にも近く、多くの建物が津波で流され、さえぎるものがないため強風が直撃し、屋外でのキャロリングは、本当に寒く、大変でした。その大変な中でも、私達の一生懸命 歌う様子を見て、来られた方々も、「あなた方のように、大変な状況で歌を歌ってくれているのだから、自分達も震災に負けてられない」と話されました。「本当に、こんな寒い中、東京から、自分たちのために来てくれて、ありがとう」と何回もお声をかけて下さいました。歌い終えた後、集会所でケーキと温かい飲み物、ぜんざいを囲みJoy Cafeを持ちました。本当にメンバーと来られた方々と、楽しい語らいを持てた事に感謝いたします。「12月25日は何の日ですか」と聞いて見ると、ゴスペルについて話される方達がいらっしゃいました。Team24で200名位の方にお配りした、コンサイスバイブルを最後まで読まれた事を話さして下さいました。今回のミッションの後もお知り合いになった方々に、お手紙を送ったり、TBC@石巻の礼拝にお誘いしたり、“心のケア―”や支援を続けています。


多くのTBCメンバーとミッションに出ることは本当に大変なことです。しかし、主である私達の神に従い、導かれるよう祈りながら、進めば、すべてが示され、私達の想像を   超える祝福に受かることはミッションに出たメンバーそれぞれが体験したことでしょう。

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