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Prayer Pointers Updated!

10月 11, 2011 コメントをどうぞ

Hello Family of Believers!

We have updated prayer pointers for the Ishinomaki Team#21 leaving from October15th – 17th.

Please open the Prayer Pointers Page (tab) at the top…. Read….and PRAY!


May God Bless you all!

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Special Prayers and Support

9月 26, 2011 コメントをどうぞ
As a result of the Typhoon#15 last week, many temporary housings in Tohoku had submergence including housings where our family of believer lives in Ishinomaki.
The water came above the floor level.
Special needs have been called for underwear and light clothing. We have gathered donations of those things yesterday(25th), but would like for you to continue to remember them in your prayers.


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Photo Reproduction Project#3 Next Wednesday!

8月 20, 2011 1件のコメント

Hello TBC family!

Next week on Wednesday Aug. 24th, we will have another photo reproduction project! We need lots of volunteers to wash photos and nicely organize them into albums. This project will definitely bring smiles to the family in Tohoku!  Please consider joining any time between 10 am and 5 pm (but preferably morning!). Leave us a comment beforehand if you are coming!!!

Refer to this link for how to do this :http://genealogy.about.com/od/photos/a/water_damage.htm (English)





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Photo Reproduction Project Report #1(写真複製★プロジェクト)

7月 27, 2011 コメントをどうぞ







 ご興味のある方は、今週金曜日(7月29日)午前10時より、TBC@渋谷のLange Hallにてお待ちしております!奇麗な写真のスキャン作業、汚れが取れなくなっているものの写真撮影、整理作業が残っています。その後のスケジュールも随時アップデートしていきますのでご確認ください。


July 27, 2011

1st day of photo reproduction project for the Northeast Japan refugees in Kamaishi! Praise God for wonderful day of working for Him and for the family from Kamaishi on reproducing & cleaning of their precious family/memory photos!!! Some of the photos were from the 1940s!

The family has lost almost everything from tsunami attack. However, the father of the family ACCEPTED Jesus Christ as his personal savior and the Lord of his life just two weeks ago through hearing Good News from TBC Go-Relief Mission! Our God SAVES!

We successfully cleansed about 300 photos today, but we are only half-way through. We still need helpers to scan those cleansed photos and to nicely organize them. Please COME and JOIN this project!!!

If interested, we will gather THIS Friday (July 29th) from 10:00AM. We will keep you updated with coming schedule too 🙂

We hope to see you and work together!!!

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Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission

3月 25, 2011 コメントをどうぞ


教会は、(Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission)NEJミッションを立ち上げる。輸送トラックを探すが、どこにもない!!宅急便も機能しない!多くの問題とチャレンジがありますが、一心に祈るばかりでした。



March 18th, 2011

TBC built Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission. No trucks were available… We could only pray and prepare ourselves how we can serve our Lord and the people suffering. TBC has also built homepage to gather offerings and for Northeast Japan Rebuilding Mission Update Report

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The 9.0M Earthquake hit Northeast Japan

3月 12, 2011 コメントをどうぞ


3月11日(金)14:46 M9「東北地方太平洋沖地震」と命名しました。



On March 11th, 2011, the great earthquake and tsunami hit the Northeast of Japan. It occurred at 14:46. Lifelines like electricity, gas and hydro were cut off, and millions of people were evacuated to refugee centers.

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